Prosphere is recognized for its financial services offered to businesses and/or professional clients. Its strength lies in the team’s ability to analyze and project the financial needs of its clients in order to become an ally of both their ambitions and achievements.


BCH Collectif is an exceptional firm in the Group Insurance and Annuity market. Its mission is to translate the perception of employee benefits as an exorbitant expense into real leverage for the retention of healthy employees and improvement of performances.

Heaume Private Wealth originated from the vision and the expertise of advisors who decided to join forces to cover every aspects of wealth management.

Employee Services

Group insurance and annuities Employee assistance program Financial services Property and liability insurance via referral

Management Services

Employee benefits program Organizational support program Estate management Insured risk management *offered by HPW-iAPW

Jonathan Bolduc | F. Pl.

President of Prosphere

Many people want to hang around Jonathan because of the insights he brings to every project proposed to him.  Over the years, he has become one of the most trusted names in finance. In spite of his rigor and assertiveness, he knows how to act in a sensitive and caring manner, which has enabled him to establish long-lasting and loyal relationships. Having been in business for over 20 years in various sectors, he is very generous in sharing his experience with others.

Michel Fortier | F. Pl.

President of BCH Collectif

Many people seek out Michel’s presence because it is always a pleasure to be around him. Although he is the master of combining work and pleasure, he possesses the strength to reassure and withstand any storm. In addition, he has a particular gift for bringing out the talent in his colleagues, his clients and in others. Also, being Jonathan’s business partner for 20 years, Michel is undoubtedly the best hidden asset of the group.


Louis Lamontagne | R.L.U.

Vice President Operations of BCH Collectif

Louis is a passionate person who is driven by customer satisfaction. Not only does he expect the highest standards of service, but he is also constantly looking for ways to improve them. His expertise in Group Insurance places him among the very best in Quebec. It only takes one meeting with this deeply authentic man to be totally captivated by him.